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Handmade, one of a kind California Bohemian Jewelry. Fine Gemstone Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings. Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Filled. Elegant & Feminine. Handcrafted in Big Sur, Ca. 

Gypsy Coin Necklace Set - Sterling Silver


Handcrafted Necklaces made with Love in Big Sur, California. Bohemian Rings featuring Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, and 14K Gold designs. Wild, Gypsy, Magical, Solitary, Engagement, Wedding, Fine, Diamond, Diamond Alternative, Pearl, Stone, Festival Jewelry, Moon jewelry, Naja, Dangle, Fancy, Fine, Magic, one of a kind, Handmade, Gemstone, Healing, Unique, Steampunk, Gift, Birthday, Custom, Luxury, Goddess, Feminine, Fancy, Animal, Meditation, Yoga, Love,  Porcupine, Coyote, Crystal, Copper, Tourmaline, Heal, Opal, Arrowhead, Talisman, Amulet, Fuck, Word, Now, Sale, How to, free, you, tips. 

Gypsy Coin Necklace Set - Sterling Silver


Gypsy Coin Necklace Set - Sterling Silver


The classy Gypsy Coin Necklace set will make you feel like a shimmering goddess. Each coin reflecting light, making your chest sparkle. 

Get both 18" and 20" necklaces for a perfect layered look. 

$138.00 Value (savings $38.00)

  • Sterling Silver
  • 18" & 20" Chain Length
  • 7 Coins & 9 Coins
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