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Handmade, one of a kind California Bohemian Jewelry. Fine Gemstone Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings. Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Filled. Elegant & Feminine. Handcrafted in Big Sur, Ca. 


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Handcrafted Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, made with Love in Big Sur, California. Bohemian jewelry featuring Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, and 14K Gold designs. Wild, Gypsy, Magical, Solitary, Engagement, Wedding, Fine, Diamond, Diamond Alternative, Pearl, Stone, Festival Jewelry, Moon jewelry, Naja, Dangle, Fancy, Fine, Magic, one of a kind, Handmade, Gemstone, Healing, Unique, Steampunk, Gift, Birthday, Custom, Luxury, Goddess, Feminine, Fancy, Animal, Meditation, Yoga, Love,  Porcupine, Coyote, Crystal, Copper, Tourmaline, Heal, Opal, Arrowhead, Talisman, Amulet, Fuck, Word, Now, Sale, How to, free, you, tips. 



Natilie Michaels

Enter to win a pair of Phoebe Hoop Earrings!

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Phoebe Hoop Earrings


  • Hoop Diameter 56.5mm
  • 14K Gold Filled
  • Freshwater Pearls
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Hello Beautiful!

I am very excited to be sharing the March giveaway. The past few months went by so quickly, I missed sharing a few monthly giveaways. I love giving back and sharing with our tribe and will do my best to make it happen each month. I invite you to hold me accountable! ;)

You have the opportunity to win one of my newest earring designs, the Phoebe Hoop Earrings. These earrings embody light feminine grace. Handpicked freshwater pearls combined with 14k Gold filled materials. 

The Pearl is considered the oldest known gem, and for centuries, it was also considered the most valuable.

Unlike other gemstones that can be derived from the earth, this one is an organic matter that comes from living creatures!

Pearl is the result of irritations of sand or speck, which is why it’s considered to be the gemstone of nourishment and nurturing.

It’s a stone that will enhance your ability to take care and nurture yourself.

Pearl is very soothing and calming in nature.

It will stabilize your moods and relieve feelings of tension, anxiety, nervousness, and uneasiness.

When you wear this stone on your body, you will be attuned to the ebb and flow of life.

It can balance the rhythm of your body and give you timeless beauty and elegance.

Pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. It will help you learn the lessons with every life experience, and it will make you wiser and stronger for it.

It's a stone that will offer protection and security in all aspects. You can go about doing your everyday tasks knowing that protective energies surround you.


1. Sign up for the Skullptress Newsletter (see below) & Like Skullptress on Facebook 

2. Comment below on why you want to win!
Include your @insta name or facebook details below (so I can contact you)

Winner will be announced right here on the blog on April 1st.

Good luck!!!

xx Natilie


Natilie Michaels

Hello lovely!! 

Enter to win this 14k Gold Filled Gypsy Coin Necklace! 


I have been meditating on what would be the best piece of jewelry to giveaway in this month of November..... I've been feeling so much gratitude for you and the beautiful support I have received from the growing Skullptress tribe. I decided that I would gift one 14k gold filled Gypsy Coin Necklace, because it has been one of our tribes's favorite necklaces. 

Each coin on this necklace represents wholeness. It reminds us that we are apart of a huge circle, the human family circle. No one can escape the circle, be bigger or smaller than the circle, or pretend that it doesn't exist. We are all here together and must live in a place of wholeness. We must embrace ourselves and our stories from a place of compassion, surrender and acceptance. Only then can we be our best selves and live truly in balance and service.

Gratitude is a favorite mantra that I’ve been working with a lot lately. When we are struggling on any level, feeling confusion or self-doubt, we must remember to be grateful. The vibration of gratitude can transform your world and therefore the planet as a whole.

Thank you for being you. I see you and how hard you're working. You are beautiful. Remember that all of us are doing the best that we can. 

How to enter: Comment below with your email & please share with me and our tribe, how wearing this Gypsy Coin Necklace will help you express your gratitude.  

Winner will be chosen by random and announced on November 30th. 

And the winner is....... Nicole Evans!! Congratulations! This giveaway is now closed. 

xx Natilie

November Birthstone: Citrine jewels for the Winter Woman

Natilie Michaels


November girls have the brightest and warmest stone to brighten up this chilly month. 

Citrine jewelry not only adds incredible warmth to your wardrobe, they make spectacular meaningful gifts, too!

If you know someone born in November, or perhaps you have a friend who could use a pick-me-up gift, citrine will surely bring a whole new brightness to their life. They won't only have it as an accessory, it's also their good luck charm. Who can beat that kind of gift?


Throughout history, people believed that citrine carried the ability to calm tempers, soothe anger and manifest desires, especially prosperity. To leverage these powers, Egyptians used citrine gems as talismans, the ancient Greeks carved iconic images into them, and Roman priests fashioned them into rings. 

Citrine quartz has been adored since ancient times. The name citrine was used to refer to yellow gems as early as 1385, when the word was first recorded in English.


Citrine Is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an exceedingly beneficial stone. It is warming, energizing, and highly creative.

This is one of the crystals that never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and the grounds negative energy and is therefore extremely protective for the environment.

Citrine energizes every level of life. It has the ability to cleanse the chakras, especially the solar plexus and naval chakras. It activates the crown chakra and opens the intuition. Citrine cleanses and balances the subtle bodies, aligning them with the physicals.


Citrine is one of the stones of abundance. This dynamic stone teaches how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things.

Citrine is a happy, generous stone and encourages sharing what you have any it helps you hold onto your wealth. It has the power to impart joy to all who behold it. Gloom and negativity have no place around citrine. It is a useful stone for smoothing group or family discord.

Psychologically, citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence and removes destructive tendencies. It enhances individuality, improves motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self-expression. It makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism, and encourages acting on constructive criticism. It helps you develop a positive attitude and to look forward optimistically, going with the flow instead of hanging onto the past. This stone promotes enjoyment of new experiences and encourages exploring every possible avenue until you find the best solution.

Mentally, Citrine enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. It is excellent for overcoming depression, fears, and phobias. Citrine promotes inner-calm so that wisdom can emerge. It helps in digesting information, analyzing situations and steering them in a positive direction. This stone awakens the higher mind. Wearing a citrine pendant overcomes the difficulty in verbalizing thoughts and feelings.

Emotionally, citrine promotes joy in life. It releases negative traits, fears, and feelings at the deepest of levels. It overcomes fear of responsibility and stops anger. This stone helps you move into the flow of feelings and become emotionally balanced.

Physically, Citrine imparts energy and invigoration to the physical body. It is useful for people who are particularly sensitive to environmental and other outside influences.

Position; wear on the fingers or throat. Wearing citrine brings the golden ray of Spirit into the physical realm. Position as appropriate for healing.

Sunbeam Ring
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Citrine Amulet Necklace
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Bellatrix Hoop Earrings
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Source: The Crystal Bible, American Gem Society

October Giveaway

Natilie Michaels

I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being. Don’t be scared of witches, because we are good witches, and you should appreciate our magical power.
— Yoko Ono
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Crisp early mornings, dewy walks through the wet tall grass, a hot cup of tea, and magic in the air. I treasure getting up early to enjoy the quiet moments before my day gets started.

 I've decided to gift one Skullptress Witch Ring for October's giveaway. This ring represents the embodiment, power and magic all women carry and are capable of creating in their daily lives. This ring is meant to be a reminder and a symbol of the many roles we as women can play. I encourage you to find your inner witch. Get to know her, and call upon her magic when you need to shift your perspective.

I love this quote by Yoko Ono. We are magical beings. You are a magical being. Be magical.

This ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver. It is a size 7, one-of-a-kind and made especially for you.


How to enter: comment below with your email address.

Multiple entries: share this blog post on Instagram, Facebook or twitter for multiple chances of winning. Tag @Skullptress in your shared posts.


Much luck and love to each of you. I hope you win! Please feel encouraged to share this with your friends, Family, and fellow witches.


Winner Will be announced on October 31


xx Natilie